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The logo was designed by Simon Creedy and we refer to it as "the Knot".

The Knot is significant to Gibson ADR as it has a number of meanings.

Firstly, the Knot represents a problem, in the same way that a dispute is a problem – needing a solution. ADR can provide a solution to a “knotty” problem.

Seen another way, when disputes occur the relationships between people are un-ravelling in the same way that the strands of an unfinished rope often unravel. The Knot represents the way in which the strands are bound back together through the processes of ADR.

The Knot also illustrates the nature of the three-way relationship in dispute resolution between the parties and the “ADR specialist or Neutral”. Whether the specialist is acting in the role of a facilitator, negotiator, mediator or conciliator, the intention metaphorically is always to recreate the strength of the bound rope.











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