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Much of the work involved in ADR follows from the existence of a dispute arising from some unresolved conflict. Given that conflict is such a part of everyday life; how can disputes be prevented from arising? How can conflict be managed effectively and efficiently? How can future disputes be avoided?

Senior managers well understand the organisational costs of unresolved conflict and the ensuing dispute – including the application of management time, industrial unrest, legal costs including tribunal and court representation, disengaged staff, customer dissatisfaction and unintended breaches of contracts and statutory obligations.

Gibson ADR can assist its organisational clients through its consulting expertise. This expertise encompasses the design and installation of conflict resolution systems.

This may include:

  • Improving the speed with which disputes (or grievances) are satisfactorily resolved;
  • Grievance and conflict prevention policies and practices;

  • Grievance and conflict management practices and procedures;

  • Management training in interpersonal communications, negotiation and conflict management;

  • Partnering strategies and systems – with supply chain partners, major customers, and strategic collaborators; and

  • Facilitation, negotiation and mediation training for specific job families within organisations.

The results of appropriate consulting
interventions will be:

  • Improving the working relationships between individuals and groups of people – improving levels of trust and communications;

  • Reducing the costs associated with dispute resolution (including direct, indirect and opportunity costs);

  • Improving staff morale and engagement (measured through lower rates of injury, asset damage, defects and rework, absenteeism and unplanned overtime);

  • Improving customer satisfaction through the speedy resolution of complaints;

  • Improving supply chain efficiency through eliminating misunderstandings and costly resulting delays and interruptions.



















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