Specialising in commercial disputes and workplace conflict. International experience and expertise

Welcome to Gibson ADR

Gibson ADR offers a range of conflict management and dispute resolution services from the early management of conflict, to the resolution of protracted disputes. 

The Firm specialises in changing organisational cultures that have systemic issues which result in ongoing conflict and disputation.

The objectives of the Firm’s work are to restore relationships, and to reduce the cost of conflict to individuals and organisations.

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The Firm has particular expertise and experience in resolving disputes and reducing conflict between:

  • Individuals, work groups, executive
    teams & boards;

  • Employers, staff and unions
    (in industrial & employee relations);

  • Businesses and their suppliers
    (in management of the supply chain);

  • Businesses and their customers;

  • Strategic alliance and Joint Venture
    partners; and

  • Multi-party industry organisations

  • Neighbours and communities






Welcome to Gibson ADR
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